JDS Landscape Builders construction works from 2018

Below is a summary of some of the works carried out by JDS Landscape Builders in 2018.  You’ll notice that Jamie features in some of the photos giving the appearance that Jed doesn’t work as hard!  We can assure you that Jed works as hard as Jamie but Jamie believes he’s more aesthetically pleasing to the camera than Jed.

The JDS Landscape builders 2019 Calender’s featuring only Jamie in various topless poses will be available free to all our customers throughout 2019.  Jed sincerely apologises for this and future customers will be offered an “opt out” should they not wish to receive Jamie’s 2019 JDS Landscape Builders Calendar.


Block Paved Driveway with Border Wall

Here’s a block paved driveway project with border wall undertaken in 2018. 2 (8) 5 (7) 6 (7) 8 (6) ...
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Block Paving with Edged Garden

Here’s an edged garden with block paving project undertaken in 2018. d (4) e (4) g (3) b (4) i ...
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Paved Pathway

A small paved pathway with garden border curbs 1 (7) 2 (7) 6 (6) 5 (6) 3 (6) 4 (6) ...
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Paving & block paving edging around garden

Paving job and block paving edging round garden b (3) a (3) e (3) c (3) d (3) f (2) ...
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A Small Paved Patio

A small garden paved patio area. 2 (6) 1 (6) Notice: JavaScript is required for this content ...
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A Small Slabbed Patio

A small garden slabbed patio area. b (2) a (2) c (2) e (2) d (2) Notice: JavaScript is required ...
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A Small Flagged Patio Area

A small garden patio with border and paved slabs. 1 (5) 2 (5) 3 (5) 6 (5) 7 (5) 5 ...
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Local Turfing & Paving Project

A new garden design requiring a large turfed area and paved patio and pathway area a (1) b (1) e ...
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Paving, Flagging and Fencing Work

A local landscaping project involving a 201 metre block paving area including fencing, slabbing and the construction of a stone ...
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Irthingborough Block Paving Project

Here’s some photo’s of a recent project to remove the current decked area and install a block paved patio and ...
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Higham Decking Project

Here’s some images of a recent decking platform local project undertaken in 2018 1 (3) 4 (3) 2 (3) 3 ...
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Rushden Paving & Construction

Here’s some images of a recent patio & path paving project with a small wall. 12 (2) 13 (2) 8 ...
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Decking & Paving

Higham Block Paving & Decking

Here’s some of our decking, paving and turfing work completed in the Rushden area Before Preparation Work Further Preparation Work ...
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Paving Fencing Work

Wellingborough Paving & Fencing

This is a fencing and block paving job we recently completed within the NN10 area.   2 3 4 5 1 ...
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